Engraving of medals

Engraving system of medal in finish line.

We have a portable engraving system, which together with a software development exclusively by Todotrofeo, allows us to engrave your medals sporting event on the day of the competition.

We have the necessary infrastructure for servicing both small and large events, as it only took 6 seconds to make the engraving in the medal each participant.

How does it work?
  1. Todotrofeo connects its software to the time recorded by the chip of each competitor, which leads us real data and instantly.
  2. When the competitor finishes the race, he collects his medal and heads to the Todotrofeo’s tent to be engraved with his name and real time.
  3. The competitor must only show their bib munber for engraving, and in 6 seconds we are already on to the next runner!
Advantages for your event.

In the first place, it is a service where the participants of that event can personalize their medals, it generates always a great reception for them. But as an organizer hiring this service not only benefits to have very happy, if not that they can share benefits with Todotrofeo.

What does it consist of?
  1. The organizer hires the engraving of the medal for his event with Todotrofeo.
  2. When the runner wants to sign on for the event through an organizer’s web, in the application form should appear, like an optional service, the engraving of the medal with the overrun of 5 euros (advised) about the price of the application form of his event.
  3. The amount collected will be of 50% for the organization and 50% for Todotrofeo (provided that certain conditions are met).
How to proceed the competitor
  1. If the participant buys the engraving by website, he should come for the stand of Todotrofeo in the runner’s expo to get a bracelet of this way it avoids queues in the event’s day. If otherwise the competitor buys in the expo the runners get the bracelet in the same moment of purchasing.
  2. In the event’s day who have the bracelet could pass directly to Todotrofeo’s stand to make the engraving. If otherwise the competitor hasn’t bought yet the service, or he has lost his bracelet, then he could do it in the independent tent where they give to the competitor a ticket.
To hire the service must accomplish the following requirements:
  1. The organization must give fusion of service through different media to attract more participants.
  2. The expense of the stand for Todotrofeo can provide the service by behalf of the organizer.
  3. The gains made from the sale the same day of the competition are entirely for Todotrofeo.
  4. The Todotrofeo’s tent where the endraving of the medals is done the days of the competition must be well located and marked.
  5. The engraving’s day engraving must have reliable Internet connection for obtaining data.


Contact with us for more information: contact@medallasser.com